M. Novačića 10
43240 Čazma
Tel: 043 277 100
Fax: 043 277 366

Commercial court in Bjelovar
MBS: 010034981
OIB: 04767584912
Share capital: 13,254,500.00 kn (paid in full).

Podravska banka d.d. IBAN HR6023860021110009087
Hrvatska poštanska banka d.d. IBAN HR9023900011100340449

Input and transfer of personal data

Input and transfer of personal and credit card data is protected by SSL protocole (128/256 bit encryption) ensured by SSL certificate issued by RapidSSL. Authorisation and credit card payment is done through WSpay™ system for authorisation and credit card payment in real time.

Personal data protection

ČAZMATRANS - NOVA d.o.o. is obliged to protect the personal data of customers by means of collecting only the essential, basic personal data about the customers/buyers which are necessary for the fulfilment of the company's obligations; informing the buyers of the ways the collected data is used and  regularly giving the buyers the option to choose how their data will be used, including the option to have their name removed from the lists used in marketing campaigns. All the data about the buyers is kept securely and available only to employees who need the data to conduct business. All the employees of ČAZMATRANS - NOVA d.o.o. and their business partners are responsible for applying the personal data protection policy.

Pursuant to Articles 16a and 18a of the Personal Data Protection Act (NN no. 103/3,118/06, 41/08 i 130/11), the Company's Director appointed a personal data filing system controller who:

  • takes care of the legal procedures while processing the personal data
  • warns the person in charge of the personal data collection about the necessity to apply the laws on personal data protection
  • informs all the employees dealing with personal data processing about their legal obligations related to personal data protection
  • takes care of fulfilling the provisions from the articles 14 and 17 of the Personal Data Protection Act
  • makes sure the rights of the data subject from the articles 19 and 20 of the Personal Data Protection Act are protected
  • cooperates with the Personal Data Protection Agency on matters related to control over personal data processing
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