Where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets can be purchased:

  • At every Čazmatrans point of sale
  • On-line on our website
  • Through our mobile app
  • In the bus, from the driver (in case you have not made a purchase through one of the above mentioned options)

Where and how can I book a ticket?

Tickets can only be booked at the Čazmatrans points of sale.

Do I have to book a return ticket?

If you want to make sure you have a seat for your return trip, make sure you book it. Otherwise seats may be sold out to passengers who purchased tickets for that trip specifically.

Somebody is sitting on the seat with my number, what should I do?

Tickets are numbered so we can guarantee you a seat, but it is not mandatory to sit at the one with the exact number on the ticket. Nevertheless, feel free to talk to our staff for assistance.

Are children entitled to any discounts?

Yes, children get a discount:

  • On trips within Croatia, children younger than 6 get an 80% discount, while children 6-12 get a 50% discount
  • Children are entitled to discount which varies. For more information contact us.

Are students entitled to any discounts?

Students are entitled to various discounts, depending on the area where they travel. Please provide your Indeks or Iksica student card to claim your discount. For any additional information please talk to our staff at our points of sale.

Are pensioners entitled to any discounts?

Pensioners are entitled to various discounts depending on the area where they travel. Please provide your pension slip, MUH membership card or a similar document that identifies you a pensioner. For any additional information please talk to our staff at our points of sale.

Are Croatian war veterans entitled to any discounts?

Croatian war veterans are entitled to various discounts depending on the area where they travel. Please provide any of the documents that can prove your status as a veteran. For any additional information please talk to our staff at our points of sale.

I have a return ticket. For my return trip, can I use it to travel with a different bus company?

On all lines from Zagreb to Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, ticket can be used to travel with all companies within the Čazmatrans group, Autotransport Karlovac d.d. and Autotransport d.d. Šibenik

On all lines from Zagreb to Slavonski Brod, Đakovo, Osijek, Ilok, Županja and Vukovar, ticket can be used to travel with the companies within the Čazmatrans group. With Panturist d.d. you may travel with Čazmatrans' return ticket if the departure or destination of travel is Zagreb.

How long should I keep my ticket?

Please keep your ticket until the end of your travel.

My monthly ticket has been stolen. What now?

In such an event you can get a duplicate if you provide a police record of the theft.

I have washed my monthly ticket with my clothes. What now?

In such an event you can get a duplicate if you provide what is left of your damaged monthly ticket.

I have lost my monthly ticket. What now?

In such an event you will not be getting a duplicate and you lose all the rights based on that ticket. 

Can I get my money back for not using the return part of the ticket, or if I decide to cancel my entire trip?

You can get 80% of your money back if you cancel the ticket at any of our points of sale at least one hour before the trip.

If the departure time has already passed, with the fact that you didn't start the trip due to carrier's fault, or you are claiming money from the return part of your ticket, you will have to submit a written request (link) on an official form and provide the original ticket. The request can be filed at any of our points of sale or via mail addressed to our headquarters. 

For additional information please see Terms and conditions for online ticket sales.

I am not a passenger, but I need a certificate of ticket price. Whom should I contact?

As stated in Terms and conditions of transport, certificate of ticket price for legal entities costs 1.000,00 Kn for 1-10 lines, and 100,00 Kn for every additional line. Individuals may purchase the certificate for 100,00 Kn per line on any of our points of sale.

How can I send luggage/parcels using your buses and how much does it cost?

Luggage can be transported on every line within the country. Luggage should be given to the driver. You will have to display your ID and pay a 30,00 Kn fee for each piece of luggage or parcel. The sender is required to take a receipt from the driver, and to organize pickup at the destination. For more information, please read Terms and conditions of transport.

How many items of luggage can I bring with me?

Passengers are allowed one piece of hand luggage on the bus (personal belongings). Hand luggage, which includes bags, briefcases and backpacks up to 7 kg, is not charged and does not get the luggage ticket. It should be placed below the seat or in the overhead compartment.

Remaining luggage, which includes travel bags, suitcases and backpacks with overall dimensions of 160 cm (height + width + depth) and maximum of 15 kg will be placed in the designated place in the boot and the ticket for it will be charged. 

The passenger or the sender is allowed to take two pieces of luggage from the previous section of this Article. In case the driving personnel decide there is enough space in the boot, passengers are allowed to additional, third piece of luggage.

For additional information please see General Terms and Conditions of Transport.

Can I bring my pet to my trip?

Transportation of pets is allowed in the following cases: dogs which height is up to 30 cm, cats and small tamed animals placed in containers. Pets are put into the bus boot in appropriate containers or cages, and are transported that way as the passenger’s responsibility.

The passenger can have one pet from the previous section transported and is charged 7,00 kn.

Am I allowed to bring my bicycle with me on the bus?

Bicycles can be placed into the luggage compartment, however, passengers’ personal luggage is the priority. Therefore, make inquiries before the trip whether there is any available space left and, if possible, remove the front wheel from the bicycle to save space. 

Am I allowed to eat on the bus?

Passengers are not allowed to bring in or consume ice-cream, or bring in drinks, unless they are in plastic/glass bottles. The food is only allowed on the bus if it is dry.

Passengers are not allowed to bring in or drink alcohol.

Who to contact in case of complaint?

Complaints related to the quality of services and inquiries about damaged or lost luggage should be directed at:

  • Čazmatrans – Nova d.o.o.,  M.Novačića 10, 43240 Čazma
  • written complaint in business premises,
  • e-mail: reklamacije@cazmatrans.hr  
  • We have not found the requested place of departure. Please try again.
  • We have not found the required destination. Please try again.
For additional information please contact us at: ekarta@cazmatrans.hr or call us
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