Hiring buses

Hiring buses to transport groups of passengers is the safest, the most affordable and the most comfortable way of travelling both, in the country and abroad.

Buses, minibuses and vans can be hired for different purposes such as: half-a-day school trips (cinema, theatre, and museum), whole day trips, several-day-excursions, transit, visits to various sites and events, sports, concerts, employees’ transport etc.

Our buses are high category tourist buses of renowned brands: Setra, Neoplan, MAN, Mercedes, Volvo, Scania, etc.

All the vehicles are air-conditioned and well-equipped for tourist travels (DVD, p.a. system, radio, fridge etc.)

Depending on your wishes and needs, you can hire the following vehicles:

•          van (8 seats),

•          minibus (15 – 20 seats),

•          midibus (30 – 39 seats),

•          bus (49 – 60 seats) and

•          double-decker bus (74 seats).

Our bus drivers have years long experience, and all the buses are licenced and correspond to all the legal standards for transportation of children.

Our selling point is our quality, experience and, foremost, affordable prices.

If you contact us, we can organize the tour of vehicle pool.


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For additional information please contact us at: ekarta@cazmatrans.hr or call us
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